Rize’nin İngilizce Tanıtımı

Tea harvest in RizeRize is one of the smallest provinces of Turkey on the Black Sea coast but also one of the most important since it is the tea-industry center with processing and packing factories.
The city is built in an area where the bright green tea bushes cover entire mountainsides. From Ziraat Park in the city you will have a panoramic view of the area and be able to capture that unique beauty.
You may have the opportunity, to have the best blend of tea, at the Summer Tea Festival, and taste the very famous, rarely found Anzer honey which comes from the mountains around. Do not forget to purchase high quality, lightweight summer clothes, known by the name of the city “Rize Bezi”. In the city the 16th century Islam Pasha Mosque and the remains of a Genoese castle can also to be seen. DEVAMI