Osmaniye’nin İngilizce Tanıtımı

Osmaniye is a small town (974 square kilometers) in Southeastern part of Turkey, just north of the Gulf of Iskenderun of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s one of the latest towns of Turkey as until recently it was a district of Adana, it got the status of province in 1996. Its population is approximately 190.000 and growing.
Zorkun plateau near OsmaniyeOsmaniye has a mild Mediterranean climate and is surrounded by fertile agricultural fields and forests where carpentry and woodworking once dominated the economy. Today the town is a processing center for the region’s production of cotton, wheat, corn, soybeans, and pistachios. Kilim weaving also has a great value in some districts of Osmaniye.
Some if its districts are; Bahce, Düzici, Kadirli, Hasanbeyli, Sumbas, and Toprakkale. Today there are many sites of interests in the towns’ city limits such as Kastabala Castle, Hemite, Frenk (Cardak), Toprakkale and Savranda (Kaypak) castles.  DEVAMI